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   Bio:    Markous Green (aka)  CannibalBlaze,Born March 8 1983 to Yvette green in the Bronx New york.Markous Green was intrduced to music/hip hop in  the 90's and has never looked back since.CannibalBlaze has a unique and powerful soud when his voice comes thru the speakers you don't want to stop listening ,Many past artist have had an influnce on this artisits style,(leagedns to like's of Big Pun,Biggie Smalls,LL cool jay,The Lox,and jay-z)just to name a few.In the past year's cannibalBlaze has grown his style of music and his production,The self tought producer is a song writer,beat maker for BettterGreenEnertainment and DreamBigEnertainment,he is the lead prducer of Fullylaoded a group to whom he is a member of.he has worked with Punbreez5,jaxxxMillion518 and BigP518 who are all on if you want another sample of his work.CannibalBlaze is a yankee at heart but move to the capital to change his path in life,CB has been in the 518(albany)for the last 10 year's in the time he has created a buzz for  Fullyloaded and CB production's.CB enjoys kicking back being a farther,watching the Greenbay Packer's,and cheffing his signiture Pork chop rapped in bacon,when his is not behind the mic or cooking up a new beat.

 New album out 3/8/15

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NEW CannibalBlaze review 11/8/2017

CannibalaBlaze Rockmobbraido show case

12 Change the Game - Ft.bolouno. Jax -Pr
01 01 - CannibalBlaze - blazeArtist Name
00:00 / 03:46

UNLTD FullyLoaded est.97

Pain - Cannibalblaze
00:00 / 00:00


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