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 May 12,1980 was the day yvette Green gave life to a game changing idividual, That idividual was named Tyrone Green aka (GateKeeper),The oldest of  eleven kids Tyrone had be came an self motovating kid quick.At the  age of nine while washing dishes in the home of his mother in edenwald Projects. Tyrone fell in love with music,not as rapper at first.Tyrone would bang on the the sink and try to make beat's while cleaning of corse without the aproval of his mother. Tyrone would see guys making  beats in the hallway while other's rapped and it fasinated him.Tyrone was already  a big music fan because his family played a lot of music.They call it  old school now.The islieys,earth,wind,and fire,stevie wonder,kenny G,shade, michel jackson and many others by the time he did pick up his pin he had an old soul.Tyrone idolized certin rapper's and built his style in the mold of thoes one's rapper's like Snoop Dogg,Canibus,Rakim,Big Pun,cubinlink,jadkiss(the Whole L.o.x.) Jay-z ,nas,and Biggie.and even battle rapper's he gives much respect to charle clips,Goods,and all the ones that step in the ring, Tyrone is The head organizer of fullyloaded in 1997 he felt he was ready to make that jump and help bring the bronx back,Realy New  York period and felt that music was the way to go.Tyrone was a very acomplished sports player,he excelled in Football and that sent him to huntington west vagina,even with the dream of the nfl on his mind he never stoped rapping.that help open the door even more,with Tyrone and markous in the lab there skills continue to grow.In the past years his vision has grow,great music isn't  enough,Tyrone has begin working on a indie lable,and putting together an  production company.


ken griffy video

Gatekeeper showcase 8/26/16

Extra Hard - GateKeeper
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Good Friday - GateKeeper
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She's a keeper - GateKeeper
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It's Kinda Hard Everybody Raps!Volume 1!By GateKeeper.Playlist

Gatekeeper showcae in Boston Hard rock cafe 2016

GateKeeper review 11/8/2017

GateKeeper RockMobb show case 2017

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