The History

      Let's start at the beginning. Before the start of Bettter Green Entertainment the Ceo and rapper Tyrone Green was just a young kid with a hope and Dream. Tyrone was a young boy, at the age of nine when he started to like rap. He would play with his older cousin who owned a record player. He would be at home tyring to make beats while washing dishes. In time, he found out that he had more talent in making rhymes than in making beats. A few year's later, Tyrone ran in to someone that became a good freind and he was already a rapper. Tyrone Green became freinds with a neighbor by the name of Dwayne Moore. Dwayne was a very good solo rapper. He moved to the area from the south bronx to the north east section of the bronx. Football was the first thing the two had in common. Tyrone would listen to Dwayne and knew he was capable to rap as wel. One day in Edenwald in building of 4044 history opened to a new talent. In the buliding after freestyling, the two decided to do a song together. The song was recorded later by the dj at the time Lenny. The song didn't go far but it cought some people ears around the neighborhood and the reviews were good for both artist on the track. This gave Tyrone Green the confidence to want to contunie with music. The two did many other song's together in hope's of getting a deal. Nothing much came out of it, but a lot of work and practice for both of the artist, wich was a good thing.The two went their own way's in 1996, but they both kept recording. The major change came in 1997 for Tyrone Green after working with other music aritis as well as other aspiring producer's. There was a personal tragedy that changed his life. Music became his crunch to survival. Tyrone began working more and more by hisself, due to the fact he was having trouble finding a good fit with other rappers. While in a new living situation, he again ran into other rappers, but the prefect compliment was right in front of  him. On a hot summer night, while freestyling with his roomate Issac, he found the partner he was looking for. His little brother Markous was listening while he was rhyming. After about an hour Tyrone told his brother to spit (rap). Mark later to be known as Cannibalblaze was very shy and timid. Tyrone got many no's, but once Mark got started, he ejoyed it. Mark was very ruff, but he became someone. Tyrone knew would always be there. They began to work on rapping every night. The engery and skill level began to grow. After a while, it was time to take it to another level, The two decided to do a song. Both Tyrone and Mark worked on the hook and wrote their own lyrics. With their first origional beat and rhymes, they thought it was time for a group name. Tyrone Green named the group Welcome the birth of FullyLoaded. In June of 1997, FullyLoaded recorded their first song: The war is on the streets now. With it's only two member's Tyrone Green and Markous. Later on in the summer of 1997, another impotant part came together, excited as they were by the music, the two began to record more and wanted to showcase their talent to whoever would give them an ear.They received a visit from an Uncle that would help them take fullyLoaded to a new level,their Uncle Rodney Green. The two were happy to see him, but most of all they wanted to showcase their music. Rodney listened and said, "I like your music". Rodney then said, " Let me show you something." While Tyrone and Mark were still working on tapes, Rodney came in with a cd labled BoloUno. The two asked, "What is that." Rodney stated," My cd." The brothers never knew he also rapped. They liked the cd to the point they talked about adding him to the group. Later that week Tyrone asked him to join. Rodney was a little hesitent to do since he was a solo artist. Rodney gave the yes and the group had locked down it's foundation with a new member. The group had a new goal to step their game up with Bolo's new equipment and know how the group made the first origanal beat and cd recording. Beats made by Bolo and Cannibalblaze discovered another song named: A hit from the Green's, what you think of that. The song featurded {Bolo, Cannibalbalze ,and Gatekeeper/aka the punisher} The year's flew by, and the artist made many songs. They were getting better at making their own beat's and adding other member's that wanted to come aboard, but because Tyrone had so many bad experience's with new members, he was very tuff on letting new members in. Many people came and left. In this time his younger bother and sister began to get the bug from watching them rap in the living room. Before they recoded again, the next two members came by default Isiah and Nicole. Tyrone was in a rush to make them a part of the team. Tamika their female artist had just left. Nicole was a great replacement. FullyLoaded was looking like the Jackson Five of rap. There was brother, brother, uncle, brother and sister all in the same group. The final peice was added after Blaze moved to Troy Albany. That was another gift from Uncle Rodney. Bolo introduced Joey Mccrey aka Jaxx to Cannibalblaze. Jaxx loved the feel and sound of Fullyloaded. He was looking for a place to call home in the rap game, and with Bolo being Bolo's day one brother it was an easy move for Jaxx to make. Jaxx and Blaze hit it off realy well. Blaze put the call into Gatekeeper and said, "We need just one more, Blaze had tried to add other people before and got the "NO" ,but because of his tie's to the family, it didn't seem like nothing other than a brother and Tyrone never say no to a brothe. Now FullyLoaded was exactly  what the name meant. Full with skill, heart and detemination. After eight-teen year's the product was ready for the world. GateKeeper, CannibalBlaze, BoloUno, Drastic, kaos and Jaxx brings you FullyLoaded.


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