Mike JaYe

Who said we couldnt't go south,BettterGreen has done it again,with a new and exciting additon to the roster.Mike JaYe from Gator nation.Music coming...soon

The new single

Dat Man - MikeJaYE
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By Mike JaYe

MixTape coming soon.

UNLTD Fully- Loaded approved




The new MixTape!!!!!

Hitta - Mikey-Jaye
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DownLoad now...

The wait is over The Original Jump man is  here,Mike-Jaye is explosive,hard hitting,and as Mike-jaye says "Getting it out the Mud" type of music,with his new mixtape.Betttergreenentertainment gives you a bording pass to hang out in the South.Stay as long as you like.Full mixtape on the down page get it now.

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